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CCBJ Vol VIII No 07-09: Climate Change in Environmental Impact Assessments

Climate change has become a small but important part of environmental impact assessments in Europe, California, New York and elsewhere in the U.S. where federal NEPA is triggered—as well as in developing countries when international investors and lenders are backing a project. Greenhouse gas (GHG) analyses are most common, but climate risk assessments and adaptation strategies are slowly becoming an element of more and more EIAs globally.


CCBJ Vol VIII No 04-06: Water Utilities & Climate Change

This edition of CCBJ focuses on water supply and water quality challenges in the context of climate change, and how water utilities and water users are working with consulting engineers, technology providers and others for short- and long-term solutions to address current problems and plan for possible scenarios.


CCBJ Vol VIII No 01-03: Climate Change Consulting Projects & Profiles

Climate change drives business in North America for firms ranging from specialist consultants to engineering firms. However, with a few exceptions, much of the client demand is shifting from GHG mitigation to climate risk analysis, resilience strategies and adaptation. This edition includes an overview with survey results revealing top service and client areas, and then profiles of key firms and practice areas.


CCBJ Vol VII Special: Executive Review 2015 and 2014 CCBJ Business Achievement Awards

CCBJ’s 2014 Business Achievement Awards recognize more than 30 high achievers in the climate change industry. Senior executives and top experts in the industry share their perspectives in Q&A sessions.


CCBJ Vol VII No 10-12: Climate Change Industry Drivers 2014

While climate change continues to be discussed at the global, regional, national, state and local levels of government, distinct market drivers to propel growth in climate change industry segments remain fairly few and far between. Nevertheless a number of corporate and government initiatives keep technology and services providers busy as carbon emission and climate concerns are slowly woven into the fabric of corporate culture and social policy. This edition provides several examples of market dynamics driving work for climate change technology and service providers in absence of more comprehensive national or global policy.


CCBJ Vol VII No 07-09: Renewable Energy - Key Issues and Services Markets 2014

A complete review of market drivers, trends and competitor types in the global and U.S. renewable energy segments of the climate change industry, with a focus on wind and solar and on services. CCBJ estimates the global wind energy business at $129 billion and the global solar energy business at $180 billion in 2013, including equipment, power value and services. As recently as 2005 these figures were both on the order of $20 billion, so growth has been significant if not a bit inconsistent over the past decade. (Itemized tables in this edition provide yearly figures in each subcategory.)


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