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"IN / OUT", Trends for 2014

OUT from 2013

Political - domestic
Congressional decision-making
Tea Party Tantrum 
Government Shutdown 
Republican party mud fight in the Capitol
Obama White House stone-walling
Speaker Boehner in the cross-fire 
Democrats in charge of Senate
Obama-care web site 
Budget sequestration 
Obama out of touch   

Political - foreign
Troop drawdown in Iraq (Army)
Political transition in China
Instability and turmoil in the Middle East
Sand storms from Arab Spring 
Russia:  Putin's in charge 
NSA Eavesdropping 
Political consolidation by LDP in Japan
Troubled recovery from Fukushima
Labour party Libs in Australia 

Economic & Financial
Quantitative Easing over the horizon with Ben
Extended stagnation 
Large global banks too big to fail
Real Estate in Shanghai
Euro crisis with bankers whining
Proposals for EU fiscal union, bank regulation 
Chronic under-employment 
Rugged laptops 
Skype and texting 
Military drones 
Recovery in US chemical manufacturing 
Ravens edge Niners (Harbaugh Bowl) 

Energy & Environmental 
EPA Regulations 
No growth in EPA spending
A federal strategy 
Climate change
Global warming 
Tornados in the Plains 
IN for 2014

Political - domestic
Governors (30Rs / 20Ds) & Mayors 
Trashing the Tea Party 
Election-year posturing and partisanship
Primary battles outside the Capitol
Fundraising for Hillary… (Nobel for Kerry?)
Emerging GOP Prez campaigns: Governors 
50-50 Divided Nation again (as in 2001)
Obama-care reboot and waivers
Meek Budget Deal; fewer cuts at DOD 
Obama out of town (foreign trips) 

Political - foreign
Wrangling in the East Asian seas (Navy)
Managed growth in China; and "one child plus"
Instability and turmoil in the Middle East
New tastes of repression; civil war in Syria
Occupy Sochi [Olympics]; more security
More cyber-security measures 
Aggressive foreign / trade policy by Japan 
Some slow restarts of reactors in Japan
Pro-Fossil National Party Down Under 

Economic & Financial
Mild tapering with new dove Yellin 
More economic growth than last year
Fines for large global banks too big to fail 
Bundling CMO’s in Chinese mortgages
Euro consolidation with people whining
More austerity and compression of agencies
Slow job growth 
4G mobile tablets 
Multi-party video teleconferencing by wifi
Commercial and resource tracking drones
Healthy rise in US chemical production and domestic manufacturing
Yellin is more a Keynesian than a dove
Broncos beat Seahawks

Energy & Environmental
EPA in Court 
More attempted cutbacks in EPA budget
Urban "Resilience" Strategy 
Climate adaptation 
Polar Vortex and frozen ships in Antarctic
Drought in the West

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Andy Paterson

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